Rules on Conduct

Please remember, this website is meant to be a loving, warm environment where like-minded people can meet, chat, make friendships, or find their soul mate. In order to make this work, we ask that you abide by our policies. We are very strict about this and you could risk being banned from the site if you break them.

Respecting others beliefs and values

1) We do not allow pornography, hate themed photographs on our website. If you are unsure the photograph falls under this theme, err on the side of caution and do not post it.

2) We do not allow racism, discrimination, hate-mongering, or bullying, aggressive behavior, homophobic abuse, swearing, or sexist abuse, spiritual abuse, of any kind on our website. If anyone has or is experiencing issue's on the site please report it to Admin immediately.

3) Don't put links to your business's on our site or on your profiles, don't spam other user's, Only VIPs may advertise and put link's within our forum with admin consent. all advertisements must be of a spiritual nature or relate to what our site about, anything else will be deleted You will also be removed off the site.

3) All profiles should have your correct details, you're a place of residence country or city. recent image of yourselves. Correct email addresses, so the site is able to forward your message's on from other users.

4) Please do not put your emails addresses, phone number's, work details, what app detail's, Skype details or any other social media sites on you're profiles.

5) Do not use fake images, email addresses, or someone else's identity, or there profile details from other social media sites.

6) Do not message another user with the sole purpose, of driving traffic to you're site or business, get rich scam's, or offering you're service's, or any other purposes. Our site is a dating & community site for genuine user's only.

7) Please respect other user's privacy do not stalk, harass, users by trying other way's of communicating off our site, & invading user's privacy. If any user has experienced any of the above please let us know immediately, the perpetrator will be instantly taken off the site, We respected our user's privacy Please do the same.

8) Do not use our site to sell, or commit any kind of criminal or fraudulent activity, such action will be reported to the relevant authorities.


PLEASE NOTE Its the user's responsibility to cancel any future recurring payments via their bank or PayPal accounts, We will not take any responsibility for users accounts or refund users who have failed to cancel their recurring payments and memberships.